BREAKING: Surge investigation into a UK Red-Tractor Approved broiler farm has yet again revealed the true hidden horrors of the animal agriculture industry. The farm, run by the Faccenda Group, which supplies chicken products to Nandos and Asda, joins an ever-growing list of UK farms that have been exposed for the barbaric practices that take place within them. Surge investigators visited the farm during April 2019 and documented birds with severe leg and body deformities, a condition that occurs in all broiler farms due to the fact the birds have been selectively bred to reach slaughter age within 6 to 7 weeks. 

The investigation also revealed dead birds that were left to rot on the floor of the barn, their decomposing bodies a reminder of the individual whose life and body had been regarded as nothing other than a commodity from which the farmer desired to profit off. The dead bodies had been left on the floor of the barn for longer than a day, which goes against the Red-Tractor requirements that farmers check the sheds at least once a day and remove any dead animals as soon as possible. Not only does this show a woeful disregard and respect for life from the farmer, but also further reinforces the redundancy and deceitful nature of the Red-Tractor label, which is nothing other than a label created by the industry to deceive consumers into believing that farmed animals are shown respect, when in reality they are viewed and exploited as objects.

The investigators also documented the huge levels of faeces that covered the entirety of the barn floor, their shoes sinking several inches into the floor whenever they took a step through the barn. This huge build up of faeces causes large amounts of ammonia to be present throughout the barn, leading to the chickens losing their feathers and their skin becoming red and raw from the ammonia burning their bodies every time they sit down. Consequently, due to the selective breeding it is painful for the chickens to stand, and due to the ammonia riddled floor it is painful for them to sit. Throughout their entire life, all they will ever know is suffering and pain.

Ed Winters, Co-Director of Surge, said: “Faccenda has yet again been exposed for the animal abusing corporation that it truly is. They may hide behind the Red-Tractor label but consumers are waking up to the grotesque and obscene practices that occur daily in chicken farms throughout the whole UK. This investigation doesn’t just expose this one farm it exposes the industry, as chicken meat production is systematically uniformed all throughout the UK and the suffering of the animals is always the same, no matter which farm has been exposed. Chickens are the most exploited land animals and yet these animals are sentient beings with feelings and emotions, their lives are not ours to take.”

This investigation follows on from another Surge expose into a Faccenda owned turkey farm that was released in December 2018, which showed turkeys with severe deformities as well as dead and rotting turkeys on the floor of the barn. Both of these Surge exposes into Faccenda poultry farms were released to the British public by The Independent.

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