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End all animal oppression.

Our vision is a world in which all animals are free from human-inflicted oppression and violence, our vision is therefore of a vegan world.




Animal Rights Advertising Campaigns

Surge produces large scale vegan advertising campaigns with the mission of encouraging the public to actively question how their choices impact the lives of others.


Education Projects

Surge believes in change through education. Through The Big Vegan Activism Van Surge has provided full days of vegan education and outreach to students in over 1/3 of UK universities, as well as Surge documentary screenings and speeches.


Surge Media & Investigations

Surge Media is an investigatory platform is where you’ll find the expanding Surge archive of undercover investigations into UK animal farming.

Unity Diner

Unity Diner is a plant-based and non-profit diner serving delicious and creative vegan food in the thriving location of Spitalfields, London. All of the profits from Unity Diner go directly back into helping animals. 


The Official Animal Rights March


The Surge Sanctuary

We’re looking for land! Click through to see see our latest update.