Update: Surge Campaigning C.I.C

On July 22nd 2019 The Charity Commission for England and Wales declined the charity application for SURGE, which was formally submitted at the start of 2019.

Confirmation of application for charity status can be checked via public enquiry with The Charity Commission for England and Wales, application submitted under the organisation name SURGE.

Shortly after the application was declined, Surge began the process of appealing the decision made by The Charity Commission for England and Wales. Advice sought on how to make the independent tribunal appeal successful concluded that because of the reasons outlined in the notification of the declined application, Surge would be required to alter the core objectives of the organisation in order to meet welfare-based requirements that would be necessary if Surge was to have a chance of a successful appeal.

As a rights focused organisation, Surge is not prepared to compromise on their mission to end all animal oppression.

Whilst we are disappointed that the criteria required by The UK Charity Commission for England and Wales does not operate in favour of our core objectives, we are extremely pleased to announce the future of our organisation as a successfully incorporated Community Interest Company.