Why You Should Attend The Big London Fashion Week Anti-Fur Protest

The 15th of September 2017 marked the return of The Big London Fashion Week Anti-Fur Protest. More than 300 activists joined Surge over the course of three days to protest against the use of fur at London Fashion Week. Despite public opinion and major brands ditching fur, London Fashion Week still continues to provides the largest platform for fur in the UK.


When we consider the fact that fur farming is illegal in the UK, it becomes obvious that the time has come for London Fashion Week to support public opinion, by banning fur. When we further consider the ease of access to countless sources online showing the barbarity of real fur, it is clear that no one working in fashion now can plead ignorance to these horrors.

The protests had an impact even prior to the day, with London Fashion Week urging attendees not to wear fur so as to not provoke a louder response from the protesters. The irony of telling attendees not to wear fur, for their own benefit rather than the benefit of the animals, wasn’t missed and was picked up by The Independent.

When the day arrived, we arrived in the hundreds, with brilliant passion, speaking loud and strong for the animal victims of London Fashion Week. Our collective conviction meant that no one could attend LFW without knowing of the cruelty that was being promoted there. Our voices were heard by thousands each day, including celebrities such as Kate Moss, Stormzy and Cara Delevingne.

Thanks to the efforts by all, the protests gained major media attention, being picked up by The Mirror, The Metro, The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail, The New York Times, The Telegraph and The Independent. 

Footage from the protests also made prime time television in Holland, Greece, America, Australia and New Zealand as well as making the news in Israel and BBC News here in London. 


Since then the world of fashion has been rocked by the commitment of several major brands, such as Gucci, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo, who have vowed to ditch fur from their lines in 2018. Despite this - and despite other London establishments committing to ditch fur, such as the historic Old Spitalfields Market, London Fashion week have remained absolute in their continuance to promote real fur. In doing so they align themselves with the barbaric practices of the past and with other unethical companies who still use real fur.


It seems London Fashion Week is set on remaining firmly in the past despite the fashion world continuing to move away from the fur trade. For this reason we will return there again this February - and we will speak louder than ever and with conviction, for the animals who are used by this cruel and archaic industry.

In order to make the largest impact possible, we need YOUR voice in 2018. Join Surge on February 17th, 18th and 19th and let your voice be heard for the animals who London Fashion Week continue to ignore. 

Peter Keighley for Surge