Why Industry Hashtags Such As #MeatyMarch and #Februdairy Will Never Succeed

Earlier this year we saw the rise (or fall) of #Februdairy - a shambolic attempt by the UK dairy industry to regain some of the support they are currently losing on a massive scale. It is hardly surprising that such an attempt would fail stupendously when the industry itself relies heavily on misinformation and lies to keep the public in the dark about the horrors that are inherent in the industry.


If you followed the 'Februdairy' hashtag, you will find your feed flooded with information exposing these horrors and lies, and highlighting the stark contrast between the truth and the perception the industry wishes the public to have.

Despite this failure, those in the business of exploiting and killing animals decided to create the #MeatyMarch campaign and if you followed this hashtag too, you’ll find a similar trend of industry truths being exposed.  

It makes sense that the animal agriculture industry would attempt social media campaigns such as these as they fear the easy access to information the public has now – but it also makes sense that these attempts would fail so massively, for we have the truth on our side.

We need not lie, we need not deceive, we need not misinform, and so this makes it really easy for us to combat any campaign like #MeatyMarch because all we have to do is show the public the truth and in doing so, the deceit from animal agriculture becomes obvious.

The more discourse we have online and offline, discourse that is based in fact and logic, the clearer it will become to everyone that veganism is the only viable lifestyle option we have.                             

With such powerful technology at our fingertips, we have everything we need now to change this world. Make sure you use the voice you have to speak out on behalf of the animals, especially when there are those who will attempt to muddy the waters of truth, for profits that ultimately cost innocent lives and perpetuate the violence and oppression inherent in the industry.

Peter Keighley for Surge